Dear books, food is our best friend😇

Nothing to take away from one of the best companions of mankind(books).

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” which is true for ladies too. Because lets just not discriminate on the basis of food as well. By “as well” you must be getting my point (feminism is cool yes but an anti-men outlook is not!).

Getting back to the weakness-FOOD. There are so many of us who want to try Varieties of food and visit every notable eatery BUT for some their professional commitments do not allow them to eat such appetising dishes. Sad! Time to bring some smile to your faces by reminding that there is always a “cheat day” and I suppose this day matters more to most of the people than a valentine’s day. Let me tell you a funny or foodie story.

Food court party

We were at a mall, celebrating birthday of an acquaintance. So we ordered pizzas, garlic breads, subs, sizzlers, subway salad, of course cold drinks and few more food items. At the end of the feast one of our friends spoke-Mera pet bhar gaya par dil nhi bhara aur khana hai. kya main itna kharab hu?(I am really full but I still want to eat! am I the worst person here at the party?😄) and the birthday boy after knowing this responded yes please have some more but from inside he was like I’M NEVER GONNA INVITE THIS PERSON AGAIN. And I hate to reveal that bon vivant was me🤓. Hey! The bottom line here is that such is the love for food that we always have- A TRUE LOVESTORY (me in my mind-I hope I am able to cover up everything nicely with this line). I know I’m smart! Thank you!

Food of convenience:

Suppose you were told by your gym trainer or your doctor or your inner self that it’s time to have a balanced diet. So you start following it but after a few days(or hours or maybe minutes) you drop the idea. Simply because you can’t resist. The taste buds through your nous are forcing you like a devil that, “No you can’t have this brassy food. You aren’t a cuckoo to punish yourself like that. And dude you will definitely find a pleasing partner even if you are chubby” after all girls love Teddy bears!

So It is merely for yourself and if you determine to go for it then here are some healthy dishes that serves the purpose of good taste too. Following meals are suitable for both wafer-thin and chubby people:-

  1. Sautéed boiled egg: To season onions, tomatoes,cumin in one tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil and add 2-3 boiled egg whites and 1 egg whole with salt and turmeric. Mix them.
  2. Shake: oats, peanut butter 2 spoons, protein 1 scoop, cinnamon 1 spoon and water.
  3. Shake: apple, pomegranate, protein 1 scoop, oats, water.
  4. Cooked oats: To season onions, tomatoes in 1 tablespoon olive oil, add turmeric and then add oats, mix them.
  5. Crushed potato sandwich: 2 crushed aloos with raw onions and 1 green chilli(good for digestion) in 2 bread slices. Put little bit ghee on both sides and fry it.

All of the above contains complex carbs which are saturated. And can be consumed by under weight as well as over weight. They only get stored in muscles if you’re doing regular exercises. Otherwise fat accumulates in the belly.

A true foodie

The one who spends money on traveling especially to search great food spots in the city. Obviously they spend money on food also to cross check the reviews. And all this is volunteering, they’re not getting paid for this hardwork. They find the place, they feel so proud to discover that as if they will get the social worker of the year award from NASW. But when they take their family or friends to that place and see them enjoying that food. Indeed it makes them joyous.

Suppose if they don’t relish the food and say where have you brought us? Why oh why? This is least expected by true foodies, for them their world will shatter,they’ll doubt themselves not just for taste but in other things too(really). But at that very moment what they say is this-“hehe sorry”. Though they really feel icky. So show some respect to them folks actually naaaa you know what its okay to insult them since you are spending from your pockets. And they recommended a wrong place. Case-closed.

Food places in delhi:

For those gourmet who also like to economise. Here are some eateries where food is amazing and at reasonable price- ASLAM CHICKEN jama masjid(chicken tikka butter, kebabs, fish), KAKE DI HATTI (veg) at chandni chowk also GIANI FALOODA beside kake di hatti, SARDAR PARANTHE WALA at ITO(egg Parantha and mix veg Parantha), TURANT van at mandi house(chilly potatoes,chicken burger, chilly chicken, fried rice), QURESHI KEBABS at jama masjid, CHACHA CHHOLE BHATHURE Kamla nagar near DU, PARANTHE WALI GALI at chandni chowk, KAKE DA HOTEL(chicken curry) at CP, SHANKAR RAJMA CHAWAL at CP, SUDAMA TEA at DU, KEVENTERS SHAKES CP(small shop with no sitting), DAHI BHALLE at bharat nagar(ashok vihar), CHICKEN MAHAL at ashok vihar(kadai chicken, chicken tikka, khamiri,chicken barrah), shawarma rolls from AL BAKE at new friends colony, HUNGER STRIKE at amar colony(chicken and paneer momos).

RICE AND BOWL in mumbai at versova metro station(if you will crave for north indian food), ZAM ZAM RESTAURANT in Old bhopal(Biryani, chicken tikka,tandoori chicken) I think I have provided so much eateries before you to explore.

Check out these places and Let me know about your experience And please comment also about your favourite food spots!

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