That girl who..

So this might be my story🙏, or my friend’s story! 👀

Here it goes, it was just another evening in my locality. I was roaming around with my friend aimlessly. Looking here and there going back home. And Just then two drop dead gorgeous girls came walking in our direction.

One of them, she was in red top and black jeans with a milky complexion, her hair flowing with light wind and I was thinking who let this stunning lady walk in my locality? yes I mean we were not used to such khubsurati in our mohalla(beauty in our area).

While I was figuring out all this, she gave me a check out look, yes she checked me out (my confidence went sky high) as if now I have the validation of my appearance from the very own Oxford University of looks! And she placed her hand around her left ear to stop her hair from coming in front of her eye (it was the tactic to hide her face from her sister so that she can look at me for more few seconds) OMG, I was dead!

She moved into the street nearby our house. Me and my friend decided to look where they are going. They walked a bit and went inside the doctor uncle’s house which he usually gave out for rent. We got it, new tenants. Now let the chase to win her begin.

Sometimes with friend and sometimes alone I started walking around her home in evenings. She sometimes alone or sometimes with her sister used to come to her balcony. Wow what a romantic real life film scene it is. And I knew that it’s just a matter of time that she will be mine. After all She used to exchange glances with me down on the streets.

Days passed by, few months passed by but I was not able to talk to her because firstly, I was not an expert in asking a girl out and second it was my locality what if someone tells at my house about all this. So much stress I tell you. But I so wanted to be with her.

So once your very own that is me stopped them, with a very effective words– “Excuse me” to her, In response her sister jumped in the one- sided conversation and said “Get lost” and what your very own said in return– “thank you” ROFL. Her sister thought I am just another guy who doesn’t know English because most of the guys there were like this.

So what I did to make her sister know that I come from a good family with good schooling is that I called up my friend while they were coming from a juice shop. And I was saying to him what should I say in English to you in a way that they also listen. Guess what I said, here it is– Three laws of Newton from physics. Pressure to impress my friends pressure Lmao.

But still I didn’t give up, after all she did not say anything it was her rude but pretty sister😅 yes yes I was not after her sister but she was pretty. Family genes may be. Now while Roaming around her house, I started realising almost every other guy was roaming around with me. Wtf, they all have noticed her.. I made a mistake by not talking to her earlier. ASAP I have to talk to her now but when her sister is not around.

And God listened to my prayer, yours truly got the golden opportunity to talk to her. She came down with a neighbour’s kid to the shop nearby. I was talking on phone with a friend constantly asking him should I stop her and what should I say this is my chance etc etc and I said those magical words– “excuse me, can I talk to you” Annddd she replied, “No”… End of hopes, end of ek tarfa pyar(one-sided affection) end end end.

After few days, I was with a friend from nearby colony talking about her that what happened and how she looks, it was my mistake I didn’t talk to her sooner, how pretty she is, how so many guys are trying their luck, then he said to me, “oh that girl, you know I was riding a scooty few weeks back with a friend and she gave me a check out look!”

So dear readers, what you feel about this, or want to share or ask or laugh, just comment about it.. I am waiting😄

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