Heart vs mind

There are moments in life when you are constantly having a fight between the sub-conscious and conscious, in other words heart and mind. One such case is whom to trust and love in friendship and whom to not!

Yes of course love and trust are a part of healthy and strong friendship as well. Contrary to a popular believe or to say a cliche believe that these two terms are only for an affair/relationship.🙄

Well Don’t run after people, most of them knowingly or unknowingly will not give a shit about you. Chase your dreams, make your life better, spread love and happiness, do not take rest because clearly you will take rest once you are dead.

For the people, well ones who know your value will remain with you in your journey and they my friend only they deserve to share your glory! The rest they come and go, doesn’t matter. A positive- You will surely learn from each individual and situation. And this is the best thing to become a better human being.

Those who love your friendship and you as a person with all the merits and flaws will tell you on your face what they feel about your activities. They accept you the way you are and not try to make you some other person but that doesn’t mean they will accept your negative traits like ego, pessimistic approach, attitude problem etc. They will try to tell you to work on them.

They say a true friend will only criticise you personlly but I think it is a bullshit thought or the other way around as well i.e appreciating you always(and gossiping negative about you from behind).

A true friendship or bond is the one where friends will criticise and appreciate each other. A true strong bond is the one where you are a “naked you” before your buddies without the worry of being judged because after all they are your BFFs. There is this heart to heart connect and heart knows that. Your heart will tell you if there is something missing and will say to you that yeah! He is my brother from another mother or Yes! She is my sister from another mister.
“Listen to you inner voice that is your guiding light”- from an unknown source.

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